Broken Juicer, Broken Routine

The other day I woke up to a broken juicer, and a broken routine. I use my juicer every morning when I wake up. It’s a great way for me to get moving and treat myself to a healthy and refreshing beverage. While I would love to buy a brand new top of the line juicer, I had to get a cheap replacement to get my routine back in line. At least until I can afford to upgrade from my old Breville Nutrition Center, which I love!

One thing that my Breville didn’t do well is citrus. I like to include citrus in most of my drinks. I decided to look for a good simple citrus juicer. When I do buy a new centrifugal or masticating juicer, I can get more yield out of my citrus fruits and blend them together. These are a few I looked at. If you want to learn more about citrus juicers, click here.   

Proctor Silex Alex’s Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer

While it may not look like much, it is an electric juicer that will get a lot out of lemons, limes and oranges. It has quite a few parts, but they can all be thrown in the dishwasher when you are done. I am not someone who likes to do too many dishes first thing in the morning. It has two different sized reamers to help you juice fruits of different sizes. That is a really nice touch in comparison to other cheap citrus juicers in its price range. I really like how little work you need to do to get your juice on. It also has an adjustable basket that allows you to choose how much pulp ends up in your beverage.

New Star Foodservice Commercial Citrus Juicer

I was thinking about manual juicers. However, when I saw the price tag I was stunned. Granted, it is a really well-designed unit with great materials. It does offer higher yields than the electric model above, but you have to do the work yourself. I was also surprised that some people actually broke the cone in the unit within the first few uses. It has a longer handle, which makes it easier to pump out a quart of juice in no time. If I wasn’t so scared of it breaking on me, I would totally buy it.

I went with the Proctor Silex model and really love it. While it has more parts, it is a cheaper model. That was one of my main factors in finding a quick replacement to get my morning routine back on track. It’s easy to use and incredibly sturdy for its low price. In fact, the price was so good I decided to go ahead and keep peeking around on to see what else I could get.

I had my eyes set on a manual wheatgrass juicer. I like to include leafy and stringy greens in my juices, but don’t trust my “all-purpose” machines to get the most out of them. I was expecting to find a juicer that would fit my budget of just under $100. The citrus juicer was only $15, so I decided to find another under $80 to come out just under budget.

The Original Healthy Juicer

My mom actually has this juicer and she uses it every day. I also like that you can put other fruits and veggies through it, not just grasses and greens! My mom puts nearly everything into it and refuses to get a secondary juicer. It has a suction cup base, but also includes a table clamp. It is also very easy to clean. While people keep telling me to try out the Tribest Z-Star, I don’t think it is quite time for that. I like the size of the Original over the size of the Tribest. Even though I still won’t be trying to juice large pieces of produce, I think the parts will be easier to keep track of and clean. Many people say to look out for the juice container. It tends to slide away from the spout. I actually place a butter dish next to it to make sure it stays. Check out this page to learn more about these juicers and more.

Thanks to these two juicers, my broken routine is complete again. With these two juicers, I can still get basically whatever juices I want. The big surprise is that they do a lot better than my previous $200 model!